Monday, June 23, 2008

A Stitch in Time

Part of our preparation for this summer's adventure included a sewing bee! This past January my niece and I traveled to NY to visit the eldest sister for a weekend that included a day trip into NYC for brunch at the American Girl Place and another day that included stitching prairie dresses for the vacation. I was assigned the task of sewing a matching dress for the American Girl doll which took longer to create than the assigner anticipated; however, mother, daughter, and doll will be properly outfitted for this adventure. We stitched aprons, bonnets, long skirts, and basically transformed our wardrobe into period appropriate outfits, the best we could at least.
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Linda said...

I had no idea you were dressing in costume! I am impressed! I love the teapots. Nancy, you have been tagged. Hope you have time for it with all your preparations for the trip. check my Blog at

Steph said...

Oh, do take photos - please!!!

Martha said...

Your famiy adventure vacations are so interesting and fun! I can't wait to see your blog writings & photos of this wagon train trip. Your costumes will really make it special, too.

Have a wonderful time and enjoy every moment.