Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

The Patriarch of our family, a father of 4, grandfather of 5, great-grandfather of 1 (plus 1 on the way), is celebrating a quiet Father's Day, with pizza and Daughter #3. (Daughters #2 and #4 are at a herb festival all day; Daughter #1 will probably call later this evening.)
This father of 2, grandfather of 1 (with 1 on the way) will do anything you ask him to do, with a smile on his face, even attend afternoon tea because that's what we do.
This father of 3, a boyscout leader, and our camping expert for the upcoming wagon train, is great with the grill, but will accompany us to afternoon tea because that's what we like to do.
This father of 1 (with 1 on the way) married the 'golden girl' in our family. A nickname her grandmother bestowed upon her when she was little, she is the oldest of the grandchildren, and a real blessing in our family.

Remembering Father's every where today - those that are near and far, and those that live within our hearts, Happy Father's Day!

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Linda said...

Happy Father's Day to all the special fathers in your family! Great photos! And, afternoon tea is what we do, too!