Friday, June 20, 2008

In Bloom in the Garden - Day Lilies

Our Day Lilies are beginning to bloom in the late June garden. We have a glorious hedge of them in our edible flower garden. It is also the time to decide whether we want the blooms to continue, or whether we want to pickle the unopened buds. The large day lily blossom, organic and carefully washed, is great to stuff with a tuna or chicken salad, served on crisp lettuce greens for an eye popping presentation.

But, if you would like something a bit unusual, pick the small unopen buds and drop them into a jar of pickle juice. In a week or so, you will be able to enjoy pickled day lily buds! Something unique to offer your visiting neighbor! The only unfortunate thing about picking the buds to pickle them is that you will no longer have the showy blossoms in your garden. It's a tough call. Typically, we enjoy the blossoms, and allow the buds to bloom unless we know we have an edible flower class in the future, in which case we will pickle the buds to pass around the lecture hall.
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Steph said...

My hubby munches them as he works in the garden!