Sunday, July 28, 2013

Del's Lemonade - RI

A Rhode Island treat every year is a visit to a Del's Lemonade stand.  Del's Lemonade is a family business that makes almost a lemonade sorbet type drink. The great grandfather brought the recipe over from Italy and the family has perfected the recipe to be now made by machines.   You can find them along the roadside or at the beach.  It is a lemonade slushy and they also make watermelon slushies.  This stand was owned and operated by two enterprising teenagers in the front yard of their home.  We were glad to be able to support them (and to have a cool Del's on a hot day!")/


Marilyn said...

Now I am thirsty for lemonade. This sounds delicious.

Angela McRae said...

Never had this but I'd sure love to try it!