Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dr. Duke's Garden

On a recent Rosemary House Traveling Herb Seminar we visited Dr Jim Duke's Medicinal Garden.  Laid out in a series of four terraces, the garden and the plants are grouped according to ailment.

All the plants in that bed would have a correlation to a symptom or treatment of that particular ailment.

The garden is not only well labeled and informative but it is extremely attractive, stone walls, terracing, water features, gazebos all add to the beauty of this well tended landscape.

Located  outside of Baltimore and Washington DC area, his garden is open on particular days of the year for the public to come and tour as well.  

Dr. Duke's garden is just 2 hours further south than we are, and just look at this impressive Rosemary!


Angela McRae said...

Now this is truly fascinating! And I love that there are even specially etched stones marking the different areas.

Steph said...

Fun! I've heard of a similar exhibit at a museum in DC somewhere - have you been?

Marilyn said...

Now this is a garden I would love to spend some time in. Love the terracing and steps.