Monday, April 7, 2014

Easy from Seed - Chervil

Chervil has a subtle anise taste that is wonderful in sauces, dips, rice dishes, eggs, or salads. Like
cilantro, chervil is strictly a cool-season annual; crops can be grown in spring and again in fall. In mild-winter climates it can be grown throughout the winter. Sow in a large pot or directly in the ground in spring or late summer

When to start: Sow repeatedly in spring, and again in late summer into fall.

Where to plant: Plant in part shade, in fertile soil.

Planting depth: Cover seeds with a dusting of soil.

Care: Provide consistent moisture.

Container growing: Chervil’s delicate beauty lends itself to container growing. Sow seeds in a large
pot10-inch or larger diameter. Use the same pot for a hot-weather plant, such as a pepper, eggplant,
or annual flowers.
Harvesting: When the plant is about 6 inches high, cut leaves as you need them.

Hint: Chervil imparts a subtle anise flavor. Its flowers are lovely, and attract beneficial insects.


Angela McRae said...

Since I missed growing some things early in the spring, I will add this to my fall planting schedule. I so appreciate all these great tips!

Marilyn Miller said...

Chervil isn't a herb that has called to me, so interesting to learn a bit more about it.