Thursday, April 3, 2014

Greentree Tea Room, Lexington, KY

The Traveling Tea Friends journeyed to Lexington, KY to partake of a luncheon tea at the Greentree Tea Room, 'where tradition meets style'. The luncheon tea is served Wed. thru Sat. at noon, by reservation. Spring was just beginning to make an appearance, daffodils and pansies were abloom, but a chill was still in the air.
They feature a monthly themed menu, and since we were here in March, it was an Irish inspired menu. They offer one tea that fits the theme, and it was an Irish Blend Tea, which is a blend of blacks typically including an Assam and yields a hearty bold pot of tea. Our server was attentive in keeping the teacups filled.

Back Row: Mary, Angela, Maureen
Linda,, Lori
Nancy, Phyllis, Lynn

The pristine place setting sets the scene with green napkins to complement the table setting and in keeping with the theme. Bowls of whipped butter, and Fayette Cream (their version of Devon Cream for the scones) quietly announced the joys yet to come!

Linda and Nancy (we first met as room mates during a trip to London in 2007)
The first course: Potato Leek Soup, thick rich and tasty. Followed by an Irish Oat Scone with Blackberry Jam & Fayette Cream. Loved the oat topping!

A nice hearty portion of Spanakopita was served next with a rich cream sauce. Layers of spinach and Phyllo and creamy goodness added a good base to this luncheon tea.

Following the entrĂ©e, we were invited to the buffet table in the other room where we could select the sandwiches and miniature desserts. There were Corned Beef squares, Poppy Seed Egg Salad and Benedictine Tea Sandwiches.

Benedictine Sandwich - cucumber, onion, cream cheese, tinted green

The miniature desserts included Bailey's Fudge (oh so rich!), Pistachio Cupcakes, and Greentree French Filled Wafers. The luck of the Irish was definitely with us!

Mary, Phyllis, Maureen, Angela at the Buffet Table

Here's my sandwich and dessert plate after going around the buffet. Such a pretty assortment of tea delights!

We all enjoyed our special afternoon at Greentree Tea Room.


Marilyn said...

I would say it is a tea just perfect for the month of March. Love the touches of green and the white linens and china. Thanks for sharing!

Winnie said...

What a lovely tea! All the food looks so delicious.

Angela McRae said...

After learning that you and Linda first met as roomies on the trip to London, I think what an absolutely perfect pairing, then and now!