Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teaism, Washington, DC

Another quick stop, just to peek inside, was a visit to Teaism, a Tea House, also located in Dupont Circle, although there are 3 locations in DC and one in VA. It is a casual Asian inspired tea house and restaurant offering properly brewed tea, accoutrements, and quick fare.

These colorful boxes of tea were behind the counter, the tea protected from the light. As we had reservations for Afternoon Tea elsewhere, we didn't partake of the menu, but since it was Monday, their special for the day was a 'Meatless Monday' option.

Years ago (2001 to be exact) our family visited the Teaism at 800 Connecticut Avenue. My journal notes that it was 'definitely an Asian tearoom, although there was Latin music in the background'. We sampled Golden Needle, a White Mutan, Qingxiang Oolong and a herbal, Sweet leaf Hibiscus. There were no tasting notes in my journal - but what a fun assortment we tried! It's good to see that Teaism has withstood the test of time.


Angela McRae said...

Yes, indeed, I'm always pleased to hear of tea businesses that are successful. And those tea boxes are so pretty!

Steph said...

Asian-Latin fusion? :-) Glad they seem to be thriving.

Marilyn Miller said...

I have heard of this shop and it would be one I would like to visit. Love the boxes they store the tea in, very lovely!