Monday, June 2, 2014

A Favorite Perch

Meet Friskie - he is one of the three garden cats that wandered into our backyard and never left. Actually, mama cat left her precious kittens under the table in the gazebo where they were discovered when they were about 6 weeks old. They have found a happy home. This little corner of the garden has become a favorite perch for Friskie. Relaxing in the sun, enjoying a peaceful quiet moment in the garden before Cedar and his buddies get home from school and turn the gardens into a command post on high alert for snipers and other unsavory sorts. When that happens, there won't be a cat in sight.

" Oh me, you want my attention - sure, I'll look up for the camera, but please don't disturb my plant." (Do cats talk to you, too?)

You see, Friskie is the only one of the three that appreciates garden fresh catnip. And directly behind him, as if he is guarding it for himself, is a fresh patch of catnip, ripe for the chewing at a moments notice. He knows what good is!


Steph said...

:=) I find it so interesting that catnip doesn't work for all cats.

Angela McRae said...

My husband had two cats when we met (they have since "gone to glory," as we say), and they loved catnip! It was fun to watch them go absolutely mad over it!

Anonymous said...

Love this little story! The kitties are a great addition. It's a pleasure to get to know them better.

Marilyn Miller said...

Friskie is a wise cat indeed, for he knows where the pleasure of catnip lies.