Thursday, June 5, 2014

Botanical Body Art

Botanical Body Art has been catching my eye lately.  Every I go this spring I have seen some plants on the bare arms and legs.   This photo was captured at Mechanicsburg's Earth Day Festival and features Mountain Laurel and Tulip Poplar.
The owner of this  Fall Tree (with the matching toe nails) tells me that her mother has a spring tree full of leaves. 

This colorful one is one of my favorites.  I love the colors, the variety of flowers, and the frog, too.  Snapped on the side porch of The Rosemary House, she was off to have tea next door at Sweet Remembrances.
I don't have any body art (and not sure I have the nerve to get any, how about you?) but when it is well done, I do find it quite pretty. 

Taken at the PA Herb Festival this is easily identified as Passion Flower, which she says is her favorite flower.


Marilyn said...

They are quite beautiful and so much more lovely than some tattoos I have seen. No, I wouldn't have the nerve to do it, but am intrigued when I see some beautiful ones.

Winnie said...

These tattoos are beautiful. I find that themes in art come into fashion across the board. Lately I am seeing a lot of botanicals in stamps, and fabrics and stencils too.