Sunday, June 29, 2014

Boone Tavern Blend

Another surprise package that arrived this past week included a sample tin of the newly developed Boone Tavern Blend and a handcrafted pottery mug from the craft capital of KY. What a generous gift from the management of the historic Boone Tavern to the attendees of the Traveling Tea Friends seminar held this past March in Berea, KY.

The Boone Tavern Blend is an exceptional balance of single estate loose leaf teas from gardens in India and Sri Lanka. As noted on the tin, the tea is blended and packaged by Elmwood Inn Fine Teas, another KY enterprise. Brewed with briskly boiling water (212 degrees) and steeped for 5 min., it yields a bold and hearty mug of tea, suitable for your morning wake-me-up or an afternoon pick-me-up. This is a tea that can be adjusted to produce your preferred strength of black tea. More leaf or less, strong or weak, longer brewing time or shorting brewing time, you decide. It can be adjusted and tweaked to suit your fancy.
Love the horseshoe design that is on the mug I received. It's a wonderful souvenir of Kentucky horse country. Thank you so much for remembering your tea friends!

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Angela McRae said...

It's fun to see another unique mug design! And I have such happy memories of that trip when I look at mine -- fun times!