Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Year of Themed Teas

It's always exciting when an unexpected special gift arrives in the mail, and that was the case this past week. A dear friend sent a copy of a cookbook compiled Cheryl Nix, owner of Tea by Three. Her tea business was established in Michigan in 1999 with the Teacup Cottage being built in 2001. The tea room has recently closed, although a few of her cookbooks were still available for sale. It is always fun to receive a new cookbook to add to the collection. It's the best way to find new ideas and recipes. And this little cookbook is full of them. The title, A Year of Themed Teas says it all!

Just look at the fun collection of themes - who wouldn't love a Chocolate Valentine tea, or the Lavender and Lace Tea, and Fairies in the Garden Tea.


Each chapter represents a new theme, and within that chapter are cleverly named recipes that would be perfectly suited for the theme. Such a thoughtful friend to send this little gem to me. Thank you so much P.B., every time I use this cookbook, I will fondly think of you!

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Angela McRae said...

I received the same cookbook recently and can't wait to use mine!