Thursday, July 24, 2014

Balancing Tea Trays!

Our Afternoon Tea visit to the Inn on Biltmore was the first time young Arielle and Gracie have attended a 'real' tea. They have had tea parties at their home, and of course, here in Mechanicsburg when they visit at the holidays. But this was extra special. Every time the waitress would enter the Library Lounge, Arielle's eyes would get bigger, and she would announce that something else was coming to our table.
When I turned around and saw the waitress carrying three heavily laden three-tiered tea trays plus the stand, I couldn't believe it! In one fell swoop, she opened up the stand, and gracefully placed the tray full of tea trays on the stand. Oh my!

This is not something that will take place in Sweet Remembrances! I can barely carry one tea tray out let alone balance three above my shoulder. Oh, no!  
 Kudos to our waitress! and Kudos to the Pastry Chef for a delightful Afternoon Tea!
And Love and Hugs to Arielle and Gracie, thank you for joining us for tea!


Linda Jennings said...

These are very special memories for two sweet girls. I agree with you, one three tiered tea server at a time is all I can handle.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

They will never forget their afternoon tea at Biltmore! I guess we will have to go back to have afternoon tea there! I'm not sure how we miss it! Thanks for sharing your experience! xo

Angela McRae said...

Arielle and Gracie are precious! And three tea trays? More than one would be a recipe for disaster for this clutz!

Marilyn Miller said...

The girls look so pretty in their party dresses. Wow! I couldn't carry all those trays either. She must work out to be able to do that. Tea time does sound like it was extra special.