Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wild Foods

Rick Hueston of Primitive Café recently spent some time in our gardens introducing us to backyard wild foods.
He brought a variety of his favorite Foraging Field Guides.
And a delicious sampling of  a wide variety of goodies for us to try including pickled milkweed capers, cornelius cherries, Hemlock Wine and Wild Cherry Mead, Sow Thistle with pine nuts and yellow peppers,  Wild garlic mustard and dandelion pesto.
If you are interested in learning more about wild foods Rick Hueston keeps an active and interesting facebook page called Primitive Café.
Rick believes wild food needs to be 2T - Tantalizing on the plate and Tempting to the taste buds. 


Marilyn said...

Now if I lived nearby I would have enjoyed this. I once took a hike with someone that pointed out wild food as we hiked, very intriguing concept.

Angela McRae said...

What a fun presentation -- this is a topic I have been wanting to learn about!