Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tea at the Downton Abbey Exhibit

Of course there would be tea featured in the exhibit! This beautiful silver tea set, polished to a sparkle by the downstairs staff is at the ready for the enjoyment of the upstairs family and guests. The little red box held the tea and on the opposite side of the exhibit there was a matching tea box that could be opened and sniffed by the visitors.

Susanna took the opportunity to sniff the tea and declared it a strong, smoky black tea,
most likely a Keemun.


Angela McRae said...

Very appropriate! I can't imagine they will ever have an episode that *doesn't* include tea, can you?

Ruth Weston said...

Very fun...hope an exhibit like that comes to Seattle! And yep...gotta be tea!

Marilyn said...

A smokey tea sounds like it would be just right from tea on Downton Abbey.

relevanttealeaf said...

The silver tea service is so elegant! I can hardly wait to visit the exhibit.