Sunday, July 6, 2014

Costumes of Downton Abbey - Edith's Wedding Dress

Perhaps one of the more emotional episodes included the moment Edith was left at the alter in her wedding dress. Everyone loves a wedding, but the heartbreak that ensued captured each one of us. The display at Winterthur that featured her wedding dress was beautiful, complete with a mirror to pull your attention to the train.

The wedding dress (featured in Season Three, 1920 - 1921)  started with a fragment of an authentic train. The dress was then designed around the train. The dress had to be very sturdy and endure the episode where Edith ran up the stairs and threw herself on the bed, having been abandoned at the alter because her groom realized that she is just too young and beautiful to marry him and he abandons her from love, not pity.


relevanttealeaf said...

Oh Nancy! I just can't wait to visit the museum this September. Your photos and descriptions of the exhibits are great. ~ Phyllis

Marilyn said...

The wedding dress is just lovely. I do remember Edith wearing it and thinking it was beautiful. How fun to see it in live person.

Angela McRae said...

I'm glad they showed that nice quote from Mary wishing Edith luck on her wedding day. LOVE hearing these tidbits about the creation of the costumes! It would have to be great fun to work in the costume department on that set.