Monday, July 20, 2015

Covent Garden Market

An afternoon stroll around the popular shopping district and tourist destination Covent Garden Market was on the agenda for our second day. We found the interior of the market area to be very crowded and touristy, but we stopped at a lunch spot that caught our attention since it advertised Afternoon Tea.

Once inside, we decided to order off the menu. Shown here, spinace and green pea risotto and treacle tart with cream for dessert, a traditional British dessert. The garnish of edible flowers on the entrée was fun!

After lunch we quickly walked around inside the market. This tea and coffee section was a buzz with activity.

Several independent shops caught our eye while planning our afternoon here. A quick visit to The Tea House on 15 Neal Road was a fun stop. Two stories of teas, in large tins to be measured out to your request, accoutrements, tea pots, mugs, and tea cups, books, anything you can imagine related to tea was found here. Fun!
The other destination while in the Covent Garden area was Neal's Yard Remedies, Britain's leading purveyor of organic natural health and beauty products since 1981. Tucked in a hidden section, this was mecca for all things healthy and natural. Susanna found a few treasures and David enjoyed a complimentary hand massage.

Located above Neal's Yard Remedies was the Wild Food Café. We headed upstairs to see what they offered, and enjoyed a view looking down on the charming courtyard.

Angelica sampled a chocolate 'milkshake' topped with carob pieces and dried rose petals. We also ordered a plate of hummus with toasted homemade bread and a vegan lemon berry cake that was garnished with edible calendula blossoms.
It's beginning to look like we were on a foodie tour!


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Looks like a fun time in the Covent Garden Market!

Ruth W said...

Oh one of our favorite places! When in London we go to the weekly antiques market at the Apple Market portion. Thanks for sharing your visit...brings back lots of memories!

relevanttealeaf said...

If I ever go back to London, a return visit to Covent Garden will be on the itinerary. We didn't allow enough time when we were there. Do you follow Lady Carnarvon's blog? Her post today is about the herb gardens at Highclere Castle. Very interesting.

Marilyn Miller said...

A foodie tour is a good thing. Covent Garden is one of the few places I have been years ago. I was looking for the Lush shop to buy a friend shampoo she couldn't get in the states. What a circus of people for sure.