Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hidcote Manor Garden, England

Probably, my favorite garden on this trip to England was Lawrence Johnston's Hidcote.  A meandering and wandering garden of about 30 different garden "rooms", with each area hidden from the next.
There was a little bit of English Weather rolling in as we began our garden time but fortunately, it rolled past us. This garden took 30 years to create into the great garden.

Lawrence Johnston enjoyed plants growing into a jumble, flowering shrubs mingling with roses, climbers scrambling over hedges.  He would bring back unusual specimens and mix them in with formal terraces and features, calling it an "Arts and Crafts" style garden.
This oversized spoon and fork announced the entrance to the café.

Hidcote is maintained by the National Trust. Prior to going to England we joined the Royal Oak Foundation which is the USA affiliate of The National Trust. This gave us free entry and free parking to all National Trust Properties. We visited at least four National Trust properties which made our tax-deductible membership in the Royal Oak Foundation worth every penny. 

This Circle was made with boxwood and yew.  Both growing into each other and trimmed to reveal different textures and height.

Getting harder and harder to finds plants taller than Angelica!
The Fuchsia garden. 

The Gardener's Potting Shed, exterior.
Potting Shed, interior.
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Elizabeth said...

Beautiful gardens !

relevanttealeaf said...

Just lovely! You definitely researched your itinerary well. I'm enjoying every post.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

I am loving traveling with you! Hidcote Manor is very near the cottage in Chipping Campden where we stayed in 2008.

Marilyn Miller said...

This is one garden we visited the last time we visited England. It is quite beautiful. Thanks for the memories.

Bernideen said...

I love the garden - inspiring just seeing it Nancy!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

This is one garden I would love to visit some day soon! Thanks for sharing it!