Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Gypsy Wagon, OR, 'Quick, get your camera!'

We had our Sat Nav set on "fastest route" which would occasionally take us on a hidden (and even narrower) back road. In doing so we saw a few sights not normally in the travel brochures, like this fabulous gypsy wagon complete with solar panel and outdoor kitchen. We quickly snapped a photo and moved along.

On another driving adventure, we found ourselves headed down the narrowest passageway imaginable. Once you mastered a trick or two, you really could convince yourself that two vehicles would be able to pass each other. Our fearless and intrepid driver maneuvered several tight spots, not only on the open roads but in parking lots, too!
Special thanks and high five to David for getting us around and about England!


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Great job David!

relevanttealeaf said...

High five for sure! England is one place I'd never want to drive.

martea said...

I think I found that same road the first time driving across England with a 13 year old navigator :*)
Kudos to David for sure!!
What a fun surprise to find a gypsy wagon with solar..

Marilyn Miller said...

Now that just made me smile. We found similar roads in France and one ended up in the farm yard. They are fascinating! How I would have loved seeing the gypsy wagon. What an adventure! Good driving, David!

Bernideen said...

Hail to the Queen - no DRIVER!