Sunday, July 19, 2015

London Adventures

Located within walking distance of our lodging was The Household Calvary Museum. We arrived early enough to enjoy the museum, watch the soldiers prepare and tack the horses and then observe the changing of the guard which takes place at 11 am.


The Queen's Life Guard maintains a 300 year tradition of standing guard at the site of the original gates to the Royal Palaces.
We walked past this monument acknowledging the Women of World War II and dedicated in 2005 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of the war. The monument symbolizes the multitude of jobs that the women held during the war, and then handed back to the men upon their return.
With a teenager in tow that recently completed studies about WWII and a preteen with an interest in history, we headed to the Churchill War Rooms. This underground bunker where Churchill and his war cabinet met was left untouched after the war and eventually opened to the public. A museum was later added that told the story of the life and times of Churchill. The photos below were in the museum, on the right it shows the many different vessels crafted in the likeness of Churchill. On the left, the officer is cleaning his weapon while both he and his wife are sipping tea.

Following another interest of our group, we headed to The Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221b Baker Street. This privately run museum offers the opportunity to tour all three floors of the house where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson lived from 1881 - 1904.


Marilyn Miller said...

Wow! you did hit alot of museums. Glad the younger set enjoyed.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

What a fun and busy day!

Steph said...

Yes, a marvelous day!

relevanttealeaf said...

Sandy, Ann Petterson and I went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on our free day during the 2007 tea tour, but I've never been to the Calvary Museum or Churchill War Rooms. I'm going to add them to my list of places to see.