Saturday, July 18, 2015

English Breakfast (the meal)

Fortunately, all our lodgings offered traditional English breakfast, so we were well fortified to begin our daily adventures. The London County Hall Premiere Inn has a beautiful breakfast buffet (optional, for an additional fee) that included baked beans, scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, hash brown triangles. If you wanted, you could also request an omelet. Granola with fruit, petite blueberry or chocolate chip muffins, a croissant, and assorted juices or water were also available. Coffee and tea, of course.
The breakfast buffet was a hustle and bustle of activity in morning, as excited travelers mapped out their destinations for the day and wait staff kept refilling the buffet line.
During our countryside journey we stayed at The Manor House Bed and Breakfast in Halford located in the Cotswolds. Our morning option included a variety of granola, yogurt and a beautiful crystal bowl filled with delicately cut and naturally sweet fresh fruit.

A large pot of hearty English tea was offered, and the traditional English breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, stewed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and toast (with marmite or vegemite) was prepared to order. Cedar always turned his bacon, eggs, and toast into a breakfast sandwich. He was happy!

We stayed in Minehead near the Exmoor National Park in the southwest corner of England at the Glendower House owned and operated by a lovely British couple. The breakfast buffet included an assortment of fresh fruit, cereal, and pastries. Traditional English breakfast was again prepared to our request, including scrambled, over easy, or soft boiled eggs accompanied with beans, tomatoes, bacon and toast.

 Tea of course, and a lovely view outside from our breakfast nook.

As we made our way back towards London, our final bed and breakfast was located in Warminster. Our overnight stay here, with the typical English breakfast was comfortable.

We spent one final night at the Park Inn by Radisson situated near Heathrow Airport. With an early morning departure, we allowed sufficient time to pass thru security, spend the last of our British pounds, and to enjoy breakfast. Most of us ordered pancakes!


relevanttealeaf said...

Enjoyed seeing the lovely places you stayed! And, of course, I loved the breakfast setting with the blue and white china! Traditional English breakfasts are the best! You don't need to eat again until dinner time.

Antiques And Teacups said...

It is always a treat to have an English breakfast...we have a place nearby where I can get traditional English bangers....Cumberland sausages...but English bacon is hard to find, and the best IMHO! The breakfast always does stay with you...but you'd better walk a lot or it'll be with you for days! Lol! Love the blue and white and the Johnson Bros Summer Chintz china!

Marilyn Miller said...

It looks like you were well fed each and every day. Also well set for tea too.

Linda Jennings said...

We thoroughly enjoy traditional English breakfasts while traveling in England. I have the floral Johnson Brothers dishes in the bottom photos. I began collecting them after seeing them in England. I am loving traveling with you on this trip through your photos!