Friday, July 1, 2016

Fairy Garden Creativity

One of our favorite classes every year is the "Create your Own Fairy Garden Class".
 We supply the log planters, the herb plants, soil and little baubles and gems and hidden treasures. Our crafters supply the creativity.
We include a short explanation on what plants you might want to choose and why you might consider each one -- parsley is a great privacy screen, creeping thyme is a favorite place for fairies to nap, ladies mantle collects the dew drops and the fairies can bathe in it.
We read a couple of fairy poems to help set the scene, and then everyone is allowed to create and decorate.
Each little container has its own story to tell, from mermaids to tea parties, to other whimsical delights, it's a magical night  with smiles all around!
All ages come to work on these planters and the end result produces unique and individual fairy gardens sure to delight the fae!
 Surely the fairies will enjoy these gardens!!


Sandra said...

Looks like a great class. Fairy Gardens all turned out so well.

Ruth W said...

What a fun activity! Sure to grow a new crop of gardeners!

Marilyn Miller said...

Does that mean I am a fairy? I love them! If I were close I would take this class. How fun!

Angela McRae said...

I think you started the trend .. pretty sure I first read about these on your blog, and now they seem to have soared in popularity! Fun to see something so happy and whimsical take off!