Friday, August 29, 2008

Tea For You, Hope Valley, RI

The family gathered around the tea table at Tea For You in Hope Valley, RI this past week as we shared stories, show and tell, and much laughter. Tea for You is a private tea room in a homey, country Victorian setting. Lace-covered tablecloths, crystal plates, and fine china tea cups grace the tables. Tea related trinkets adorn the walls and shelves.

The first course began with a tomato basil soup followed with a fresh fruit cup. The tiered tray with sandwiches and scones was presented with simple fanfare. A nice variety of sandwiches were served which included chicken curry salad, veggie bars, and a ham and pear sandwich with cinnamon butter. In addition, there were plain scones and cinnamon chip scones. Pots of hot tea (darjeeling or black currant) were forthcoming throughout the tea party.

Dessert included madelaines, a mini cheesecake, and a coconut bar. In addition, iced tea was offered with dessert. To complete the menu, a tea cup full of colorful mints was presented at the end of the afternoon. Throughout the event, the owners sons entertained young and old with magic tricks that left you wondering how they performed them. It was a delightful and entertaining afternoon.


Linda Jennings said...

Nice photos. It looks like the family enjoyed visiting over tea! Thanks for sharing the menu with your tea-loving blog friends!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see a large, loving family maintaining the ties that bind. You mentioned black currant tea - yum! I recently bought some Twinings black currant tea and have really been enjoying it. Black currant ANYTHING (including throat lozenges) is very popular in England. Wish it were more popular over here....

Marilyn Miller said...

I too wish Black Currant Tea was more popular here. I really enjoy it. The food looked wonderful and what a treasure to enjoy with your family.

La Tea Dah said...

Oh, "Tea for You" looks like a lovely place. What a wonderful family gathering. I enjoy the way your family spans the generations with ease and warmth.

Thank you, too, for your comment on Gracious Hospitality. I appreciate your effort and the warm, fuzzy, personal contribution to the Tasha Tudor Day celebration.

Much appreciation! Enjoy a lovely holiday week-end. We are headed 'cabin-ward' and wood gathering for the winter is on the agenda (as well as a bonfire supper with friends from the valley on one of the evenings).

The elderberries are ripe and ready for harvest --- but they are SO difficult to reach! I wish there was an easy way to gather them. They are either over a roadside bank or, on our property are guarded by a prolific groundcovering of stinging nettle! Where there's a will, there's a way, right? LOL!

Blessings to you!