Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Flip Flop Sandwiches

These festive sandwiches were pretty easy to create, and added to the shoe themed event recently held in the tea room.  Using a sturdy piece of paper, cut out a pattern for the flip flop shoe base.  Then, with the pattern as your guide, cut thin white bread into the shape of the flip flop, and also cut an equal number of pieces of thin ham.  You can precut the bread and the ham the night before you plan on serving the sandwich, but assemble the sandwich the morning of your party.  Spread a thin layer of your favorite filling on the bread, top with the ham slice.  Place two pieces of garlic chives or spring onion greens to form the top of the flip flop.  Attach the greens with a piping of the filling.  Our French Styled Cheese Spread was the filling that I used to create the sandwich.  Chill until ready to serve.  These are such a fun summertime sandwich!


Bernideen said...

Very cute Nancy!

Marilyn said...

So clever!
I love them.

Angela McRae said...

Thank you for the instructions! I *adore* these sandwiches -- best summertime tea sandwich ever!