Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tea Time - La Tienda del Te

Another tea related excursion this summer included a visit to Tea Time, La Tienda del Te in Madrid, Spain.  What a fun little discovery this tea shop was!  Tucked in a pedestrian walkway area, nestled between buildings, was Tea Time.  This small shop packs a lot into each little corner and according to their business card has the best selection of teas from the whole world, La mejor seleccion de tes de todo el mundo.

Susanna selected two different Chai teas from the wide assortment of black canisters filled with tea.  She purchased a Green Tea Chai, and also a Rooibos Chai.  We've sampled both of them, and enjoyed the spicy warmth of each one. 

We also sniffed the Black tea with Cannabis, but were afraid to try and bring that back into the US.  We were so surprised by the opportunity to openly purchase this tea, we didn't even take a picture of it!

This is the collection of tea goodies displayed in the front window directly behind Susanna in the previous picture. 

And these three adorable cherubs waited patiently for us while we admired La Tienda del Te.  There was a little feeling of being home while standing in this shop, with merchandise tucked here and there, floor to ceiling, tins full of tea and tisanes, it just felt a little reminiscent of The Rosemary House. 


Angela McRae said...

What a delightful place! And I must say the black tea with cannabis sounds quite intriguing. Gives new meaning to the term "high tea," don't you think? ;)

Marilyn said...

How fun to find a shop such as this one in Madrid. I came across a similar one when we were in Barcelona. The tea with Cannabis is interesting too. In Paris we bought an oolong tea that was grown in the opium fields of Thailand. We drank it all while we were there and it was amazingly delicious. Can't find it here though.