Sunday, September 1, 2013

For the Love of Shoes

We recently welcomed Deb Kramer to the tea room for an entertaining afternoon full of tea and shoes! Deb brought a variety of shoes to share with us.  She started with these early shoes and explained that the Spats on the far left were short for spatterdash.   Used of course to protect the fabric portion of the shoe from splashes.

This basket featured pumps form the 1950's and 1960's, including shoes from well known local shoe stores such as Hermann's and Creggos.   The pump on the far right was made from Cobra skin.  During WWII all leather was going toward the war effort so shoes were made from other materials such as raffia, cork, and reptile skins. 
While this cheerful basket held heeled slippers or "Hostess Slippers"  mostly from the 1940's/50's when "hostess clothes" were popular so you could be comfy while entertaining in your home.   All dainty and pretty.  The "Naughties" style of hostess slipper were first made popular by Fredericks of Hollywood.
Our informative speaker finished our fun afternoon with these Stocking Shoes she purchased new in 1968.   They were available in gold or silver and although she had saved, she could only afford one pair of the $20.00 shoes.   They were held in place with a garter.   Deb Kramer also brought "Shoe-veniers" for all who came!


Marilyn said...

How I would have enjoyed seeing these shoes. I do remember wearing those heels from the 1950 and 1960's along with hats and gloves. I could walk in them anymore, but fun to see.

Angela McRae said...

That must have been an amazing program! Fun and educational and delicious (and cute!) food -- just perfect!