Monday, September 2, 2013

Mom's Dancing Shoes

For our recent shoe program, I rummaged in the closet to find some of our mother's shoes.  While they fit me, I find it difficult to walk in these lovely heels.  Mom always referred to the gold pair as her "dancing shoes".

This lovely velveteen burgundy pair with the fabric interior was from Mary Sach's Department store. Mary Sach's was opened by a savvy woman in 1918.  A Russian Immigrant, Mary Sachs' believed firmly in quality merchandise, honest business practices, and full customer service.  When her women's clothing store first opened in 1918 each client was seated in a private booth and presented with garments to try on.  Later, after a fire forced her to redesign, she opened a department store in  1932 featuring 21 departments (and 12 consulting rooms).  She traveled to Europe and New York City to insure the top of fashion.  By the 1950's she was able to add a doorman and valet parking to the business.   It was 'the' place to shop in the Harrisburg, PA area.   Our mom rode the bus to Mary Sachs and could only ever afford to shop there at their famous "Twice a Twelve Month Sale".   I kept these shoes because they were my "dress up" shoes when I was little.   Pleased now to have not only my mother's shoes but a little piece of Mary Sach's history as well.
Honoring and celebrating women in the workforce today... Happy Labor Day!


Tina Sams said...

What wonderful mementos that manage to blend in so many wonderful things.

Marilyn said...

What amazing memories. I just love seeing your mom's dancing shoes and the treasures from Mary Sach's. They are beautiful!

Angela McRae said...

Now you surely must know that I love this post today! Thank you for introducing me to Mary Sach's!