Thursday, August 20, 2015


Located very close to Stonehenge is the village of Avebury with three stone circles which partially encircle the village. Like Stonehenge, the exact purpose remains unknown, but it was most likely utilized for some type of worship. Today it remains a destination for many.

Avebury Manor was the home of the archaeologist that excavated the stones in the 1930s. With the joint efforts of The National trust and the BBC, the home was transformed into a museum that replicates different periods in each room. Several years ago there was a television series The Manor Reborn  and a subsequent book with the same title that portrayed the transformation of each room. It is now a museum where you can walk around at your own pace, touching, feeling and transporting yourself to the different eras represented in this English country home.

This six month project was developed to encourage the many visitors to the stone circle to also enjoy the village of Avebury. By the looks of it, this mission was accomplished as there was much activity at the museum, the manor, in the gardens, and the tea room.

We enjoyed our visit here and it quickly became a favorite with the kids as there was no concern about touching anything. Playing was encouraged!


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

We visited Avebury in 1998. Looks like we may want to return.

The Victorian Girl said...

I have the same silver tea service as in your photo! My mother bought it when we lived in England in the late 60's. Then when I got married, she gave it to us as a wedding gift. Love following your travels in England.

Marilyn Miller said...

Love the hats. I would thoroughly enjoy this place because you could touch and feel a part of it.