Friday, August 21, 2015

Crop Circle Exhibition

David really wanted to see a crop circle while we were in England. While we couldn't promise that we would find a fresh crop circle, we did find an Exhibition on Crop Circles and went on opening day. Conveniently, there was a craft show and tea room there also so everyone was happy!

The exhibit was hosted by those who have an interest in crop circles and it was very well done.  Explaining the history of crop circles, noting that the first picture of a crop circle that appeared in the English countryside was published in 1990 which then created an intense public interest in crop circles. How, where and why they appeared along with the old theories as well as the new ones (they are all man made) were included in the display.

Additionally, the exhibit explained the crop circles from the view point of the farmer, in particular the loss of the crops and the subsequent damage that is done. This group has begun a "Crop Circle Pass" where you purchase the pass and the directions to crop circles and at the end of the season the money raised is divided among the farmers.

We were given directions to a fresh crop circle with a simple design that was only 3 miles away and off we went in search of it. We tried to find it, but sadly, gave up too soon. With access to the Internet later in the day, David searched on google earth and found we were only about 50 feet away. So we will add this to the list for next time we go!

The crop circle exhibit, tearoom and gift shop was located in a large, central local church that has been "remaindered"  and is now used exclusively as a public space. The tea room had a quaint charming feel to it.

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Marilyn Miller said...

I remember years ago when we lived in Kansas hearing about crop circles. Aliens were one of the explanations. Wondering? Love the tearoom.