Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Goodbye Greenhouse, Hello Pavilion!

Over 40 years ago our mother nestled a little green house in the gardens behind The Rosemary House. Top of the line for the times, this all glass greenhouse which was heated with electricity was showing its wear. 

We faced the difficult decision of either replacing the greenhouse or creating more garden beds or ?? The decision was made to remove the little structure. Our friendly handyman Ron began dismantling it late last fall. The glass was recycled by the hardware store and the metal pieces were easy to recycle.
We decided to put in a large patio area. The decision was made to remove these old cold frames as well to make the patio area even larger. This patio work was done last December. Our landscaper friends squeezed us in after holiday decorating jobs were complete and just before the snow plowing jobs began.

We loved how our patio started to transform and develop. Good thing herb plants are resilient as that construction equipment was placed here, there, and everywhere!
When spring came we decided on a large pavilion which would provide protection from the sun and the rain. Steve Bupp of Cross Creek Farm created and installed this pavilion for us. Made of hand hewn oak from his own mill, Steve (and his wife Caroline) knew exactly what would work.   
 We are still imagining all the possible uses for this new space. Of course it will be put into use during the Fairy Festival in September  The few large plants that were over wintered in the green house have since found a new home.

The construction zone has been closed, and multiple events have taken place under the newly crafted pavilion. From casual classes to children's Fairy Tea Parties to a gathering of family and friends during the spring Art & Wine Walk in town, many have enjoyed the peace and tranquility the herb gardens provide.


Linda Jennings said...

Changes are not easy, but I can see your new pavilion and patio being used often!

Angela McRae said...

It was fun to see the transformation, and I can already tell that you will have much enjoyment from your new patio and pavilion!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Wonderful new adventures to look forward to! I know you will both enjoy exploring what they might be!xo

Antiques And Teacups said...

Wonderful! Looks like it will be used often and appreciated!

Marilyn Miller said...

Your mom's greenhouse would have been hard to let go, but you made a beautiful place out of the area. I know it will be used often and with your grace in entertaining.

Elizabeth said...

A beautiful new place ! How wonderful to work side by side with your sister!

Sandra said...

Your Pavilion looks so wonderful. I can imagine the great times you will have with all its space. The patio tiles were very pretty too. Quite the transformation.