Friday, August 28, 2015

Making of The Fairy Festival

 This post was written and shared by our intern Molly Sams

Every year The Rosemary House is in a buzz the month of August preparing for The Fairy Festival. A lot goes into transforming the garden into a fairy haven but it has become a well-oiled machine that shows the wonderful talents of everyone who is a part of the house.


A few weeks prior to the festival the family and coworkers work to create fun, miniature fairy scenes that children find throughout the garden. Nestled underneath the fig tree or surrounding the pond there are always fantastic little surprises for children to discover and that may be one of my favorite parts. On a large scale the garden really jumps to life during this weekend but what really makes it is that the garden is full of small treasures you can find all over.


Not all the preparations are done at The Rosemary House. Some of the products are made else where. One product is actually made in Lancaster County. Our troll booger and fairy soap is both made by LancasterCounty Soapworks. Each piece is made by hand and decorated individually. This year we were able to do a lot of fun work mixing our soap with exciting elements such as fairy dust (mica) and drippy, gooey troll boogers (glycerin soap). It was a lot of fun to experiment to find out what would work best and we cannot wait to see what everyone thinks!



Everyone during the two days of the festival has his or her own job. People find a job that best suits them. For some that may mean using chalk to color the little ones’ hair and for others it may mean being the Quidditch coach. It’s a wonderful time where kids are free to be wild little sprites and adults can be kids again.

Possibly my favorite aspect of the festival is that they strive to have something for everyone and to make sure each person has fun. I love the fact that The Rosemary House tries to make new crafts, decorations, and events each year to make it more fun and enthralling for everyone who attends. They also want to make sure everyone feels welcomed and happy to be here. Which may be why it is such a magical place.
Thanks to guest blogger Molly Sams.  It was fun to see the festival written from your perspective!

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Marilyn Miller said...

Wondering if little boys enjoy the fairy festival as much as the little girls? I know I would certainly enjoy being there for the festival with my tutu and wand in tow.