Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home Away From Home

These lightweight yellow tents became our home while on the Prairie. Easy to put up and quick to take down (well, after the 3rd night at least) they provided protection from the elements, including horses that roamed free during the night. My sisters thought I was crazy when I mentioned that I saw a shadow of a horse's head on our tent the first night, but after they heard that a horse was roaming free during the night, they believed me.

Special thanks to Brother-in-law David for coordinating our camping equipment. He organized four separate bags full of camping equipment for our little yellow houses on the prairie. Each bag held the essentials for the two-person tents. After the wagons would form their circle each night we would find an appropriate spot to pitch our tents. Each campsite had its own unique attributes. Tall flowing grasses at one, an abundance of cow patties at another, prairie gopher holes at yet another, short prickly grasses, or excessive mosquitoes, each campsite was unique. But we were happy to set up our tents, prepare for dinner, and enjoy the evening campfire as the nights cooled down.

Here, on a makeshift lazy boy, the anniversary couple are enjoying a moment to themselves! Although we understand that our camping experience was modern, we do have an appreciation for what the Pioneers must have endured. Life on the prairie was memorable.

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Anonymous said...

What an incredible adventure! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more.