Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Living Wreath

We are having a fun season of workshops here at The Rosemary House. Be sure to check out our calendar of events and join us for a class or a tea party.

This was a charming living wreath made with hens and chicks and sedums. We simply used a bow wire wreath frame and placed fresh sheet/spaghnum moss under it. Filled the wreath with clean soil and then wrapped the moss around it to hold it in place. We wired it together as needed. Then with a bamboo skewer we poked holes in the moss and gently tucked in the roots of the hens and chicks and the sedums that we used. We used a variety of colors and sizes to give our living wreath interest.

This charming wreath graces our picnic table all year round.

Did you know the emperor Charlemagne decreed that these little plants be grown on the roofs of the thatched houses? It was hoped that these succulents would help to prevent fires from spreading through the village.

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