Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tea Source, MN

Susanna says, "Leave it to my sister to find a tea shop only 7 miles from the airport." To which Nancy replies, "And find it, we did! " This stop was meant to be, as a week before we left on vacation, I received a flyer in the mail from TeaSource complete with coupons! With Brother-in-Law David at the helm of the rental van, and Susanna navigating, we found our way to TeaSource in St. Paul. Owner Bill Waddington was our featured guest this past Spring at our Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association Annual Seminar. While here, he spoke about his businesses (one in St. Paul and another in St. Anthony, MN), and conveniently mentioned their proximity to the Minneapolis Airport. With Mapquest directions in hand, we headed towards St. Paul, and delighted in a quick stop at TeaSource. We were able to sample a few teas they had prepared, and then ordered some 'to go'. Susanna had the hot Chai, decidedly spicy and definitely sweetened, it warmed the soul. David sampled iced Monk's Blend, described as aromatic, slightly sweet, and very pleasing. I enjoyed an iced Keemun, a nice traditional black tea. Since we were on the first leg of our journey, purchases were limited to the 'to-go' beverages, and a 4 oz. package of Precious Eyebrows green tea (also called China Moon Palace or Chun Mee) thus named because of the long slender leaf that resembles eyebrows. This green tea is delightful, with a very mellow taste coupled with a sweet aftertaste. Quite enjoyable, it provides a perfect introduction into the world of green teas. While on the wagon train, if we got to the cook before they added the cocoa powder to the hot water, we were able to sneak a cup or two of hot water and enjoy a delicious cup of Precious Eyebrows on the Prairie. Mornings on the Prairie were a bit hustled, so it didn't always happen; but when it did, it was oh so sweet.


lemonverbenalady said...

It is something like my husband wondering how I can find wonderful herb shops, tearooms and cross-stitch stores while we are in the middle of nowhere! He mostly enjoys finding them. Well, maybe not the cross-stitch stores.

Anonymous said...

I have so been enjoying the travelogue of your wagon train journey, Nancy .... and by the way, I have a fabulous souvenir from Tea Source that a kind and generous tea friend sent to me.

Linda said...

What a fun "bonus" to your wagon train itinerary! I love the photo of Nancy in Tea Source.