Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Sampler of Spanish Cuisine

The Spanish dinner is but a memory now; and alas, the camera was being persnickety last night. Although I took pictures of the variety of Tapas and the Gazpacho, I now understand that the display (write error) on my digital camera apparently means that the data between the Memory Card and the camera is not being recorded, thus, no pictures. Why it wouldn't record those two courses, but captured the final two, I'm not sure, as I said, it was persnickety.

Anyway, the Tapas, or appetizers, also called the 'little dishes' of Spain included mushroom caps stuffed with ham, garlic potatoes with homemade mayonnaise (a personal favorite), and a cabbage slaw. Gazpacho, a chilled tomato soup typical of Southern Spain was our next course. Compared to a liquid salad, it is a refreshing soup for a hot summer's eve, complete with an assortment of diced fresh veggies and homemade garlic croutons.
Our main entree featured Paella Valenciana, a medley of colors and tastes, this festive rice dish features chicken, mussels, clams, pork and sausage. The majority of the preparation is done on the stove top, and then it is put in the oven to finish cooking the short grained rice. Shown here in a traditional paellera, one purchased in Spain many many years ago. It is one of my most useful souvenirs! I can still see the paella pans hanging in graduated sizes from what could only be a doll's pan to the largest paella pan imaginable. This one, with a 12" base, was the middle size, out of about 15 or more pans!
The meal ended with Flan, a caramel glazed baked egg custard, garnished with fresh strawberries.
Truly a meal fit for a knight and his squire; or, for family and good friends.

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YourTeaLife said...

Hi Nancy,
Looks delicious. Brings back a lot of memories from my travels to Spain.

Marilyn Miller, the Marmalady said...

Yummy! Oh how I wish I could have sat and enjoyed such a meal.

ellen b said...

Wow that Paella looks fabuloso!