Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brownies with Horseradish!? Say what?

Wasabi Cream Cheese Spread
At the recent Horseradish and Herb Festival held in Somerset, PA by Barb and Fred Will of Sugar Grove Herbs and Shoppe there was a cooking contest featuring horseradish. Wasabi is a cousin to horseradish that is grown only in Japan and was used in this tasty wasabi cream spread.

Another special horseradish treat featured these mini tomatoes stuffed with horseradish, herbs, and sour cream.

One of the contest winners was this delicious plated of horseradish brownies submitted by Kathy Randall of Windswept Meadow Farms. These brownies had dark chocolate chunk pieces, cherry halves and "enough horseradish to make your eyes water". And, the winner for the dips and spreads was our own Nancy Reppert's Jezebel Sauce. The recipe for that is featured on our Fri May 13, 2011 blog post.


Marlena said...

Yay! Nancy! Hooray for you! This is such nice news.

Lady Linda said...

Interesting...the tomatoes look fabulous.
Hope you are enjoying summer.
Lady Linda

Marilyn Miller said...

Congratulations Nancy! Love horseradish and wasabi, so this would have been so fun. I did buy some wasabi in Taiwan that was made there. I was surprised and have heard it is quite good, but haven't tried it yet. I need to do that soon.

Corinne said...

I have never liked the flavor of horseradish. Just one of my quirks I can not get past. I try it occasionally to see if my taste buds have changed but not as of yet. I do enjoy reading up on its many uses.

Bernideen said...

I sell Robert Rothschild products and they use it - I like it! Has PERSONALITY for sure!

Angela McRae said...

How fun! I love hearing about unusual foods. Congrats to Nancy on your win!