Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garden Haiku

A traditional Haiku has 17 syllables, 5 in the first sentence, 7 in the next and 5 in the third. At our recent Garden/Nature Journaling class instructor Patti V. invited the students do a variety of journaling exercises including one to write a Haiku.
Here are some results:
Hot Muggy Evening
Breath taking lack of cool air
Refreshing cold beverage
by R.K.

Green Strands braided Fast
Butter and sour cream yet to buy
Forgot they're turnips
by Maryann

Mosquitoes bite me
I really need to shower
I love that ice tea
by K.M.

But 8 year old Cedar stole the show by reciting a Haiku he learned in his Second Grade poetry studies. Rain by Matt Grand
Rain lightly falls down
covers the ground with raindrops
Now flowers will grow!


Lady Linda said...

I love Haikus....very nice and great garden art! Enjoying summer?
Lady Linda

Marilyn said...

I always wondered what made a Haiku. What fun! I would have loved doing that in school when I was Cedar's age.

Angela McRae said...

How fun! I think your flower pot person approves too!