Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pennsbury Manor Gardens

Our recent tour to Pennsbury also included a tour by Michael Johnson, the Curator of Living Things. He did an informative garden tour while we where gathered around the cistern. The gardens here are very practical. They grew all their vegetables, medicines, insect repellents, hops for the ale and much more in raised beds. Pennsbury Manor was along the river for the cool breezes, ease of travel to Philadelphia, and also as a source of water for the gardens and animals. Shown here are various watering implements, cans, buckets, gourds and a "thumb jug" where you fill it with water and hold your thumb over the top of the jug. Letting your thumb off the jug when you need to water. (Think of a straw that you fill with water and let loose later).

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Angela McRae said...

LOVE the title Curator of Living Things! That is terrific. And I've never heard of a thumb jug but based on your description I get it!