Monday, July 18, 2016

A Taste of Tea

Each year Penn-Cumberland Garden Club holds their annual Bertha P. Reppert Herb Tea Party. This is the 52nd year for this creative event. Typically, this is a themed event with a special speaker and coordinated menu and foods that feature many herbs. This year the Tea and Hat Lady, Marcella Farina was the speaker. As a Specialty Tea Institute (STI) Certified Tea Specialist, Marcella generously shared her knowledge on tea. She brought many tea items to display, and this Korean Tea Cozy Basket caught my fancy.
Korean Tea Cozy
This compact Traveling Tea set affords you the opportunity to sit down and brew some tea for yourself and several friends wherever you are in your journey.
Marcella's presentation was both interesting and informative. Shown here are a few tea gadgets from her personal collection. Tea cozies, a tea themed mat, gong fu teapot, tea tasting cup, and a draining tray are just a few of the tea related items she shared. For more on tea, follow and like The Tea and Hat Lady on Facebook.
Since this event was held in early spring, the outdoor planters were not very far along, so the committee decorated them with miniature tea settings.


The Tea And Hat Lady said...

Nancy, Thanks so very much for the posting about The Tea And Hat Lady. I certainly appreciate all your encouragement and look to you, Susanna, and your Mother as role models. I always admired Bertha from afar as a woman to follow and respect. Thank you.

Marilyn Miller said...

I would have loved her traveling tea set and the teapot in the basket too.

Angela McRae said...

This looks like quite a fun event, but more than anything, I LOVE knowing that an herb tea party continues to be held in honor of your mother! How fitting!