Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One Steep at a Thyme - Afternoon Tea

The Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association held their Quarterly Meeting at One Steep at a Thyme in Jamesburg, NJ earlier this month. Owner and fellow MATBA member, Kathleen Hippeli hosted the event in her Elegantly Victorian.. Graciously Country (tm) tea room. Since the meeting was held in July, Kathleen coordinated a Red, White and Blue BBQ, Tearoom Style. The festive theme was carried out with the menu, the printed menu, the tablecloths, and miniature flags proudly on display throughout the tea room.
The first course featured a Red, White & Blue Salad that was made with mixed greens with strawberries, blueberries, goat cheese, pine nuts, and a house raspberry vinaigrette. A crispy Parmesan toasted teapot topped the salad.

 The tiered tray held the Tea Sandwiches and Savories that consisted of a Herbed Cucumber Sandwich, Blue Cheese Stuffed Cucumber and Tortellini Antipasto Salad on the top tier. The bottom tier held a petite Cheese Burger in a "Bun", miniature Hot Dog on a Stick, and an Eggplant Parm "Burger". Kathleen definitely captured a Fourth of July BBQ picnic with her unique variety of sandwiches and savories.
The table was laden with food and drink. In addition to hot tea flavors, there were two iced tea options also.

Dessert featured Brownie & Ice Cream Waffle Bowl Sundaes. A choice of ice cream was offered, and toppings included whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top. Notice the darling ice cream cone spoon that was used with the dessert. Fun!
Prior to the business meeting, Kathleen shared a brief presentation on iced beverages. She demonstrated a variety of flavored drinks, and members sampled each one. There were some unique flavors. Afterwards, MATBA President Mike Raab of Tea for All conducted the business meeting. When the meeting wrapped up, it was time for members to head home, knowing we would connect again on October 17th at the next Quarterly Meeting to be held at The Orchard Tea Room at the Rose Hip Barn in Thornton, PA. MATBA member Karen Donnelly will be the hostess for this event.


Marilyn Miller said...

How lovely to get together for these special meetings and friendship. Then to have this wonderful tea time too is amazing.

Ruth W said...

You always have a wonderful time at these meetings...and so glad you share them with us! Wonderful...I wish I had been there...

Steph said...

Yes, such a creative group!