Friday, July 22, 2016

Castle Creek Lavender Thyme Faire

This past June we vended at a new lavender festival only 10 miles from us, at Castle Creek Farm! It is so exciting to have an herbal event so close to home. Castle Creek Lavender Thyme Faire celebrated their 3rd year for this festival where they promote all things herbal, along with lavender, thyme, honey, and fiber.
 This event featured talks and vendors focused on lavender.  The gardens were well labeled so you could learn which lavender plant you wanted to plant in your own gardens.

While it is a relatively new event and you can see that reflected in the size of the lavender plants in the field, it is going to be fun to watch this festival grow.  One of the highlights was watching the llama shearing on Saturday.  Castle Creek Herb Farm in Dillsburg, PA is the host of this festival.
Angelica's favorite parts were the horses including the mini's, and the lavender ice cream!! They had chocolate lavender, raspberry lavender, and vanilla. Yum! Cedar's favorite part was playing with the boys in the creek. This event is a winner for the whole family!


Marilyn Miller said...

I can see why it would be a winner. Now I will be curious to see it grow again next year.

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I truly *needed* to go to this! A girlfriend gave me a lavender plant for my birthday in May, but I think I must have overwatered it, and it has already gone on to that great garden beyond ... But I consoled myself with some lavender and rose tea. Lucky you to have such an event nearby!