Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mansions Along the Delaware - The Grundy Memorial Museum

The Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Museum, overlooking the scenic Delaware river, was established by the late Senator  Joseph Grundy. It represents the later part of the 1800's and is an excellent example of a Victorian Era Residence. The decor and furnishing constitute a fine Victorian residence of the era. The woodworking in this mansion is amazing, with carved oak paneled walls and a majestic staircase in the foyer.
This mansion was located in the center of the town. It was an extensive property but the grounds were obviously very well maintained. A glimpse of the peaceful river can be spotted in the background of this arbor. The guides told us about an amusement park that used to be located on the island directly across from the mansion.
Beautiful Victorian china display
Elegance and fine dining!
Afternoon Tea
And a few displays from the bedroom.


Marilyn Miller said...

How fun to visit these old mansions. This looks like a good one.

Angela McRae said...

Beautiful displays! I love visiting old homes and imagining those who once lived there.