Friday, July 15, 2016

Pretty as a Princess Tea Party

Yesterday, a very hot July day, we welcomed the Mermaid Princess and Rapunzel to the herb gardens of Sweet Remembrances and The Rosemary House for a delightful afternoon tea and an entertaining visit from both princesses. Little girls dressed in purples and pinks and ocean blues gathered under the pavilion to enjoy a summertime activity. The tables were set with a seaside theme, and colorful cups quietly announced the purpose of the day.

Tangled Fresh Fruit with Scuttle's Almond Cream
Mothers and daughters, grandmothers and aunts, great nieces, too, were offered hot tea or pink lemonade before the first course was served. Once everyone had a beverage, plates of Tangled Fresh Fruit were served with Scuttle's Almond Cream. After the fresh fruit, three tiered trays laden with tea party treats were presented to each group of guests.

Angelica with the tiered tray.
The bottom tier featured sandwiches:
  • Ursula's Zucchini Bread with Mascarpone Cheese Filling 
  • Perfect for a Prince Peanut Butter and Jelly Squares 
  • Pretty as a Princess Glittery Magic Wands 
  • The Ruler of the Sea, King Triton's Crowns 
  • The Royal Guard's Cucumber Rounds 
  • Mother Gothel's Ham Salad Teapots
The middle tier held:
  • Let Down Your Golden Tea Bread 
  • Queen Arianna's Favorite Cream Scone with Sweet Cream.

The most popular tier featured
  •  Rapunzel's Favorite Flower Cupcake 
  •  The little Mermaid Beach Cupcakes
  • Sebastian's Favorite Popcorn Balls

While the young girls were enjoying their tea and treats, the Princesses from My Fantasy Party visited each table and shared stories and laughter about their adventures. A craft was also shared by the princesses. Singing, 'Princess Says', and photos with the princesses rounded out the day.

Sandwich Assortment
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martea said...

What wonderful memories you created for your special guests!

I loved seeing the thoughtful and clever ways you incorporated into the table d├ęcor to each food item.

Thank you so much for sharing…

Bernideen said...

Oh how darling and what lovely food. Your tea event looks so fun and colorful! Pure charm. Thanks for sharing and linking.

Marilyn Miller said...

What a very fun tea party. The food fits so well with the theme.

Bernideen said...

Dear Nancy:
This post is featured today on my blog! Such a lovely tea room and congratulations on the special feature!

Ruth W said...

What a wonderful event...the stuff dreams are made of! Well done!