Monday, July 25, 2016

One Steep at a Thyme - MATBA Summer Seminar

The Quarterly Meeting for the Mid Atlantic Tea Business Association (MATBA) was held on Monday, July 11th at One Steep at a Thyme in Jamesburg, NJ. A carpool of MATBA members (Susanna from The Rosemary House, Lin from Tickle Your Fancy, Marcella the Tea and Hat Lady, and Janet from Over the Teacup and not pictured, Nancy from Sweet Remembrances) traveled from PA to NJ for this old-fashioned Fourth of July inspired meeting.

MATBA meetings always begin with a welcoming session where a nice selection of hot teas are offered along with an assortment of breakfast treats. Since most members travel a distance to each meeting, it's a nice opportunity to unwind from the journey and to greet members as they arrive at staggered times.

Owner and MATBA member Kathleen Hippeli prepared a nice variety of assorted scones and delicious toppings, croissants, mini quiches, and fresh fruit salad. Touches of red-white-and blue could be found around the tea room.
Once everyone arrived, the morning presentation, Tea Vessels = a way to steep up tea sales was presented by MATBA member Darlene Meyers-Perry of The Tea Lover's Archives. Darlene also maintains an interesting tea blog, The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook. This presentation on Tea Vessels was the same program that Darlene recently shared at the World Tea Expo held in Las Vegas. Those of us that were not able to travel to the Expo were particularly appreciative that Darlene was willing to present the program to the Association members.

Darlene Meyers-Perry

MATBA members

Special thanks to Darlene for her informative and interesting program. It's a wide wide world of tea accoutrements, and a journey in acquiring them and learning to utilize them!


The Tea And Hat Lady said...

Your blog was such a pleasant surprise for me this morning. What a fantastic way to start the day and week than to be able to revisit the recent MATBA meeting. It was a great meeting and you certainly did it justice, the photos and descriptions are outstanding. Thanks for helping us remember such a fun informative event.

Deborah Raab said...

Thank you Nancy for this great summary of our wonderful summer tea seminar! The venue and food were delightful! The seminars so informative. So nice to see everyone!

Marilyn Miller said...

What a very special gathering. The food sounded yummy, but the presentation from Darlene would be what I would have also loved. Lucky you for having it repeated just for your gathering.